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Todd Bulich Real Estate Company, Inc. provides unique and individualized representation to tenants and buyers in their commercial real estate transactions in Southern California.  We help companies discover the perfect office space, while raising the service standards traditionally offered in the brokerage community.


We pride ourselves on being a distinctive company, standing out from the rest in the industry. As the sole enterprise in the state, we boast a principal owner who holds the distinguished titles of a real estate broker, attorney, and professor of law. Our scope of expertise is specifically directed towards catering to the needs of tenants, offering unparalleled services in lease negotiations, building purchases, and property management. With over two decades of real estate transactional experience, we guarantee excellence in every deal we facilitate.

Inquiring a real estate broker about the ideal timing for a real estate transaction is a common occurrence. However, TBREC is dedicated to our unique approach in serving our clients. Unlike many other leasing companies, we prioritize our clients’ interests above all else, and we are not hesitant to dissuade them from certain transactions if we believe they are not aligned with their best interests. We are confident in our ability to provide expert guidance and advice, and we strive to maintain our reputation as a company that always puts our clients’ satisfaction first.


Providing Premiere Commercial Real Estate Services Throughout Southern California.


Our unwavering commitment is to you, the tenant or buyer. Unlike others, we never represent landlords. As your fiduciary, we prioritize your interests in lease negotiations and guide you through the entire process, ensuring you make informed decisions with confidence.  


Our dedication to your satisfaction doesn't end with the lease signing. We provide a wide range of essential services to ensure a seamless office lease experience. From estoppel review to lease termination tracking, option exercise management, legal consultation, and ongoing critical management, we offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your unique business needs. Count on us for continuous support, recommendations, and guidance throughout the duration of your office lease.


Our commitment to you goes beyond the lease signing. We offer a range of essential services, including estoppel review, lease termination tracking, option exercise management, legal consultation, and ongoing critical management. Tailored to your specific business needs, our solutions provide continuous support and recommendations throughout your office lease.


Unlocking the potential of subleasing, we specialize in property management for large clients. Our dedicated focus is to help our clients efficiently fill unused office space with ideal subtenants. Maximize the value of your property with our expert subleasing management.


We specialize in managing large construction projects for tenants, including design, construction, and retrofitting of commercial spaces. Our goal is to create a space that fosters success and growth for your business. Trust us to bring your vision to life.

Office Space For Law Firm


Our firm provides expert testimony on commercial property valuation and broker duty of care in legal cases involving commercial property transactions. With extensive experience, we have testified in various courts throughout San Diego County, establishing ourselves as trusted experts in the field.


“Todd Bulich is a savvy and sophisticated commercial broker. I have entrusted Todd to negotiate over 6 different commercial spaces for my firm and Todd has gone into negotiations strong every time. Each time he has inked an amazing and very favorable deal for my firm. Todd is not your standard broker that claims he is the best but cannot deliver. Quite simply Todd is the best and he can and has delivered every time. I highly recommend you contact Todd if you want to expand into additional commercial space. He will find you the best spaces at the most aggressive terms and be available for you morning and night. It’s important to have the ability to trust your broker and often brokers are out for their own commissions. Not Todd, he is 100 % in it for his clients’ best interests. Todd Bulich is your guy!”

Karie Boyd – CEO, Boyd Law

“Todd was instrumental in not only helping us to find office space that fulfilled our needs, but also in obtaining advantageous lease terms and negotiating for an expansion as our business grew.  Todd provides sound advice and counseling to his clients and has a deep knowledge of the local commercial real estate community.  He brings a personal touch to his work, and truly cares about the happiness and success of his clients, setting him apart from his competition.”

William J. Caldarelli – Partner, Caldarelli, Hejmanowski, Page & Leer LLP

“Todd went above and beyond to find me an exceptional place in a tight market and in a short time frame. He rigorously negotiated on my behalf and came to terms with the owner despite my credit score being somewhat low. I will use Todd for all my real estate needs and highly recommend him for yours.”

Dr. Kyle Kramer – Founder, CEO, Omega Family Global

“Todd is an excellent broker and a shark in lease negotiations!  He got me far better deals than I could ever get on my own, and when it came to the all-important fine print of the lease, he didn’t abandon me or let me down.  As a busy attorney with enough on my plate, I was pleased to turn everything over to Todd with supreme confidence in his skills.”

Kit J. Gardner – Owner, Law Offices of Kit J. Gardner

“I’ve worked with Todd countless times as he represents many of the tenants in my buildings. Honestly, he’s a great guy to work with – personable, honest, and on the ball. The interest he takes in his clients is clear, so if you’re one of them you know what I’m talking about and if you’re not, I highly recommend giving Todd a call to see how he can support your business.”

Michael DeFoe – Senior Investment Associate, KBS Realty Advisors


Free Consultation

Together, we can determine the needs for your business to grow.

Sublease Listing

We want to help fill your additional and unused office space.

Free Lease Expiration Reminder

We will make sure you never miss an important date.

Tenant Representation

We focus on your needs, not your Landlord’s.

Lease Audit Services

Let us prevent overcharges and save you money.

Lease Administration

We continuously manage your obligation and responsibility throughout your lease.

Property Management

Let us manage your space so you can focus on your business.

Construction Management

We will help build your dream office space.

Expert Witness Services

We provide our real estate expertise in legal matters.


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National Association Of Realtors
Cal Western Law School
North Island Credit Union
Endeavor Bank
California Credit Union
SD Bar Association
State Bar Of CA
Defending Liberty
Lawyers Club San Diego
Bulich Charitable
Del Mar


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